Who We Are

SYNFOSIS is an independent business information services company. We support marketing, research and public relation executives.

Areas of services include:

The overabundance of information has created a time-consuming and difficult challenge for executives - they become busy but ineffective professionals. Our core values - clarity, client-centricity and content expertise - are underpinned by the conviction that executives should not spend their valuable time looking for crucial information to move their business ahead. Instead they should be spending their time using business information and research to make fact-based decisions in an increasingly competitive world. The information should help executives to:

Clarity - Content Expertise - Client Centricity

What We Do

As your personal, professional business information specialist, SYNFOSIS searches, retrieves, and packages valuable business information so our customers can make decisions quickly in the marketplace. We collect, track, examine, and verify information including social, economic, or demographic trends obtained from multiple information sources. These are customised to your specific company needs, and delivered as your format of choice. Some of the types of information we analyse are:

SYNFOSIS features local research capabilities worldwide, including Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.  Our network of native business information specialists, with local language capabilities and expertise in a broad range of industries, can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Teamwork at Synfosis

How we can help

What we do:

  • Aggregate business information from various print and online sources
  • Uncover accurate and relevant information about your competitors, customers and markets
  • Convert raw data into clear, concise, and compelling information products (e.g. weekly market bulletins, quarterly competitor profiles, market performance dashboards)
  • Provide ready access to top quality and high-level information professionals
  • Cover a range of Asian (e.g. Arabic, Japanese, Korea, Mandarin) and non-Asian languages (e.g. Portuguese, Russian, Turkish)

We empower you to:

  • Focus on your core business functions while we handle all your information process outsourcing (IPO) requirements
  • Gain a clear overview of your position in the market
  • Anticipate market developments that influence your customers
  • Enhance the consistency and reliability of your business decisions
  • Optimise operating costs